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Saturday, October 15th at 8:00 PM we were honored by ROBERT PINSKY and FRANK BIDART reading.

September 25th at 3:00 PM our Sunday afternoon Community Reading Series was inaugurated.

Sunday Afternoon
Reading Series

Our new reading series presents established and emerging poets affiliated with the Center, while also introducing poets from the greater Boston community. The ongoing series will offer four events during the 2005-2006 season.

Sunday, September 25 at 3:00

CPC Reading Series first reading. The Concord Poetry Center and the Arlington Center for the Arts jointly celebrated the start of the series with a joint reading by featured poets Don Share and Steven Ratiner, while introducing two young poets, Natalie Russ and Jessica Lander, from Concord Academy.

Don Share Bio

Steven Ratiner Bio

Sunday, November 13 at 3:00

The second reading will feature Steven Cramer and Susan Edwards Richmond, and will introduce Jennifer Flescher and Melissa Morris, MFA candidates from the Lesley University Writing Program.

Steven Cramer Bio

Susan Richmond Bio

Refreshments and informal conversation follow the readings.
Admission only at the door: $6.00 (students $3.00).


Reading Series
Pinsky & Bidart Reading

Benefit Reading

Saturday, October 15 at 8:00 PM

Two of our nation’s leading poets read some of their favorite poems by other poets, and a few of their own: Robert Pinsky three times Poet Laureate of the United States and originator of the Favorite Poem Project; Frank Bidart renowned poet and teacher, author of six books of poetry and co-editor of the recent Collected Poems of Robert Lowell. This event was a landmark celebration of the power of great poems. If you missed it, watch for the next one.

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Reading Only: $10
Reading & Reception: $35

Reserve tickets early by calling the office at: 978-371-0820 OR admission at the door.

More about Robert Pinsky

More about Frank Bidart





(To register for workshops or courses, call 978-371-0820.
NOTE: CPC members take 10% discount for any workshop or course.

Building the Better Poem:
A Monthly Workshop

Wednesdays, next starting November 2, 7:00 to 9:30 PM, $200

This 4-week workshop, which starts anew every month, focuses on the development of poetic craft by examining the essential devices and techniques that make a poem successful. Participants will explore these techniques in exercises and by submitting their work for group critique.

Limited to 10 participants.

Instructor: Joan Houlihan, Director, Concord Poetry Center

Joan Houlihan's Bio

Exploring Mindfulness through Poetry

Saturday, September 24, 9:00 AM to Noon
One day only. $30

Being awake and experiencing life fully is a common goal, yet one that is not easy to achieve. In this workshop we'll use the power of poetry to begin exploring the topic of mindfulness. We'll read an evocative poem, share our reactions and do some reflective writing in response. Materials designed to engage the muse will be available to use as we write. This simple process can help us gain insight into our lives and a better understanding of ourselves as both human beings and writers. No preparation is required and you don't need to be a poet to participate. Just come and enjoy this creative and enriching experience!

Limited to 8 participants.

Instructor/Facilitator: Patti Russo, certified poetry therapist in training through the National Federation of Biblio/Poetry Therapy.

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A Door Ajar: The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Tuesdays, 7:00 to 9:00 PM, 8 weeks, $250
Start date: October 4

Among our most oblique poets, Emily Dickinson, read with care, proves also to be among our most moving. In this instructor’s opinion, she is the greatest poet America has yet produced. While less misrepresented now than in the past, Dickinson’s reputation still suffers from distracting biographical speculation. Discussions will focus on the poems: how they achieve their effects through complex imagery, diction, and syntax; prosodic innovations; and an astonishing range of poetic voices. Time permitting, we will read at least one of Dickinson’s “fascicles” (packets of poems she bound with ribbon) as a sequence or small book. Participants must own either The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson edited by Thomas H. Johnson, or The Poems of Emily Dickinson edited by R.W. Franklin. No other editions will do.

Instructor: Steven Cramer, Director, Creative Writing MFA Program at Lesley University

Steven Cramer's Bio

American Confessionals: An Introduction

Saturday, November 12, 1:00 to 4:00 PM
One day only. $30

The mid-twentieth century American poets known as "The Confessionals" broke new ground by incorporating details of their personal struggles and ambitions into their writing. This 3-hour overview introduces three main practitoners, Berryman, Lowell and Plath. An in-depth, 6-week seminar will be offered in the Winter session.

Instructor: Mike Perrow

Mike Perrow's Bio

To register for workshops or courses, call 978-371-0820. NOTE: CPC members take %10 discount for any workshop or course.

Mission of the Center

The Concord Poetry Center (CPC) seeks to provide activities and services for poets, poetry-lovers, students of poetry and teachers throughout metro-west Boston. Located in the Emerson Umbrella for the Arts Building in the heart of Concord, CPC serves as a community for poets and poetry-lovers as well as a place for poetry courses, workshops, seminars, publication consultations, readings, and performances. CPC serves the many unaffiliated poets in the Greater Boston area who wish to improve their writing skills as well as those who simply want to hear and enjoy poetry with others.

About Us

The Concord Poetry Center is a self-contained program sponsored by the Emerson Umbrella for the Arts cultural organization and shares its facilities as well as its non-profit status and Board of Directors. More at: Who We Are and History of CPC


As a resident program within Emerson Umbrella for the Arts, CPC has access to the use of auditoriums and a number of large and small rooms. The Center is easily accessible by commuter rail and car for the many individuals and families who come to Concord for its exceptional historic and artistic attractions.

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Three Forms: terza rima, the villanelle, and the terzanelle

Saturday, October 1, 10 am -2 pm and Saturday, October 8, 10am -2 pm $75

A two-part workshop with the master of forms himself! Session one will be a discussion and examination of the traditional forms terza rima, the villanelle, and the terzanelle. The participants will have a week to write an original poem in one or more of these forms, and the second session will go over participants's work.

Instructor: Lewis Turco, Author ofThe Book of Forms

Lewis Turco Bio

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All members can participate in the Concord Poetry Center on-line forums, which support posts and responses to posts on any number of poetry topics in several forums.

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Introduction to Poetry Writing: A Workshop for High School Students

Sunday, November 6, 1:00 to 4:00 PM
One day only. $35
Personal conferences (optional): 4:00-5:00 PM

Looking for a chance to take that next step with your writing? This workshop, designed especially for teens, offers a supportive environment for developing your poetic talents. Through discussion, in-class writing, and personal critique, participants will learn strategies for writing, revising, and refining their own creative work.

Participants will submit sample poems in advance of the workshop. Work will be distributed by e-mail.

Instructors: Susan Richmond, Teresa Cader

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