Steven Ratiner is a poet and educator. His long-standing commitment has been to expand the ways audiences experience poetry and the arts. For the past 25 years, he has taught in over two hundred-fifty poet-in-residence programs throughout New England. His poetry and essays have appeared in numerous magazines in America and abroad. He was the literary coordinator of the ALL SOULS PROJECT who, in conjunction with the Boston Public Library and PEN-New England, created a series of readings and writing workshops in response to the 9/11 tragedy. He had two poetry chapbooks published recently: a retrospective collection in Pudding House Press' GREATEST HITS series; and BUTTON, BUTTON from OpenEye Press -- an artist's book in collaboration with Marty Cain. GIVING THEIR WORD - Conversations with Contemporary Poets (published by the University of Massachusetts Press) - was a collection of literary interviews featuring many of the most prominent figures in contemporary poetry. It has just been re-issued in a paperback edition and the Library Journal called it "An absolute pleasure to read. Highly recommended...".

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